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About company/factory

Q:When was the company founded?

Q:The size of the company?
A:Small and medium-sized mould manufacturing company with about 200 employees.

Q:How many people are there in the company?
A:About 200 employees, including 100 in mold department; 60 people in injection molding department; Assembly line 20 people

Q:Total number of people in engineering department? How many senior engineers are there?
A:The engineering department includes programmers, designers, and modelers. Total: 20 people. All engineering personnel graduated from professional colleges, including 4 senior engineers.

Q:Total number of mold manufacturing workshop? How many technicians are there? How many senior technicians are there?
A:100 people. There are 90 technicians and 12 senior technicians.

Q:Do new employees need to be trained? How long does it take? Do existing employees need retraining? How often do you do it?
A:Yes, all new employees need three months of training before they can start. All in-service employees receive training every three months for two days each time.

Q:What about employee benefits?
A:The average monthly salary for a typical technician is $1,500 to $2,000. Paid annual vacation, year-end bonus, room and board provided by the company and so on.

Q:A working week? How many hours do you work every day?
A:The average work week is six days. Saturday counts as overtime. I work 10 hours a day, of which two hours are overtime. Employees work two shifts: day shift and night shift!

Q:What kind of quality verification does the company pass?
A:The factory has passed ISO: 9001.

Q:Factory mold manufacturing equipment distribution overview. Are there any competitive processing equipment? Where does it come from? Working size? Accuracy? Detection equipment introduction;
A:We constantly update precision processing equipment, including high-speed CNC, gantry CNC, mirror spark machine, double spark machine, three-dimensional, precision and large-scale processing equipment. Please refer to the website for detailed equipment list http://www.bolok-mold.com.

Q:What are the main customers of the company?
A:The United States, Germany, France, Japan and others.

Q:Have served customer area and know what manufacturing standards?
A:We usually market in Europe and America. Mold standard: HSACO, DME, Meusburger, Misumi, etc.

Q:What is the annual output value of the company? Total mold production? What is the percentage of export mold?
A:Annual output value 10,000,000 USD. Mold 400~550 sets per year. Export mold accounts for 80%

Q:Monthly average mold production?
A:30 ~ 50 sets.

Q:Where is the factory? How many machines are there in the factory?
A:Factory in Dongguan, CNC, EDM machine, injection molding machine, a total of nearly 100 machines (sets).

Q:What are the main products of the company?
A:Plastic moulds for automobiles, medical devices, home appliances, packaging utensils, electronics and machinery.

Q:Do you have any particular advantages over other companies?
A:Compared with small company, we have more advantages in raw material purchasing price, and compared with the size of the company, we have more advantages in addition to management and technological process, combined with our technical staff is more than 5 years experience in mold personnel more than 20 years experience in mold (core), experience and technology of inheritance and precipitation is regarded as the first-class in the peer.

Q:Do you have a trading company or a factory?

Q:What types of moulds have you made? Are there any famous companies' products among them?
A:""Industrial field Automotive, Tele-communication, Household Appliances, Computer Products, Construction, Instrumentation, Medical Equipment, Consumer Electronics, etc.Famous companies: BMW,Ford,ABB,Hut,SONY, Rear, etc.,"".

Q:Production capacity: What is the maximum mold size? What is the maximum product size?
A:The maximum mold size is 2.5x2m. The maximum product is 1500x600mm.

Q:What is the most hole mold ever made?
A:64 points, 32 points more,24 points,16 points and so on.

Q:How far is the factory from the airport? How far is it to the pier?
A:The factory is 45 minutes away from Shenzhen airport and Fuyong Wharf.

Q:What has been the company's best-selling product in the past few years
A:In recent years, we do more automobile mold, accounting for 50% of our mold number.

Q:What are your main sales channels?
A:We mainly do sales through Google and introduce new customers to existing customers.

Q:What are your company's main marketing tools?
A:It's mostly being marketed through Google optimization, and now it's being channeled through TikTok

Q:Which platforms are used to promote the company's products
A:We have our own site, and we have platforms like Google, TikTok, Facebook to promote it.

About products

Q:What are the usual mould steel suppliers? What steel has been used?
A:"(1) Commonly used steel suppliers: LKM, ASSAB,Ming Lee.
(2) Common steel:American standard: P20, 420, H13, D2
German standard: 1.2738, 1.2311, 1.2711, 1.2316, 1.2083, 1.2344, 1.2379"

Q:Do you provide the material certificate?
A:Material certificate will be provided. Hardness test report will be provided for steel requiring heat treatment.

Q:Do you have a minimum order quantity? If yes, what is the minimum quantity?
A:The minimum quantity of test mould is 50.

Q:Are there any ready-made products for sale?
A:Molds are customized, there is no ready-made finished products for sale.

Q:I don't have 3D and 2D drawings, can you produce according to the sample I sent to you?
A:Yes, we have an outsourcing laser scanning modeling team. (Our engineers can also provide product design services for customers, and send 3D product drawings designed according to customers' requirements to customers for confirmation. We once had cases where customers only provided creativity, and we helped them complete product design, mold production and product processing.)

Q:Is there any charge for helping with product design? How much will it cost if necessary?
A:If the customer makes the order from us, we do not charge the design fee for simple products, but for complex products, we charge the design fee of 100USD per day.

Q:What kind of products does your company usually produce?
A:Plastic moulds for automobiles, medical devices, home appliances, cosmetics, electronics and machinery

Q:Could you provide some pictures or catalogues of your products?
A:We can provide company profiles and product catalogues in electronic files.

Q:Do you have free samples of your products?
A:Due to the confidentiality agreement signed with the customer, the sample can not be provided to others. If the mold is produced in our company, we usually provide three times of trial, and the sample provided to customers is 5~15 free samples. (It depends on the size of the product).

Q:How is the product packaged?
A:Export packing: apply anti-rust oil ----- three layers transparent PE bag ----- vacuum packing -- plywood packing for outer box, some large molds need to be reinforced with iron frame.

Q:Could you help print the logo on the product? Is there any extra charge?
A:We can print LOGO, but relevant authorization is required, otherwise the products are easy to be seized by the customs.

Q:What's the advantage of your product compared to other competitors?
A:Our mold in the design will take into account the injection production of various needs, not only consider how to reduce the injection cycle but also consider how to ensure the quality of the mold and how to facilitate the daily maintenance of the mold.

Q:Could you tell me the Mold production and processing process?
A:Please refer to the company's Profile for processing flow chart.

Q:What brands of hot runner suppliers are there? Which brand is usually used?
A:"Hot runner brands: DME, HASCO, YUDO, SYNVENTIVE, MOLDMASTER, INCOECommonly used brands: DME, HASCO, YUDO, MoldMaster".

Q:What are the mold suppliers? And the Standard parts supplier?
A:"LKM, MingLee.Parts Supplier: HSACO, DME,Meusburger,Misumi,Zhenggang (Local Company)"

Q:Usually, how long does it take to complete the mold design?  How long is the manufacturing cycle of different molds?
A:"Calculated according to the size of the mold base/bottom:
(1) Small mold below 30x30cm: 1~3 days mold chart; 4~5 weeks mold manufacturing cycle
(2) 30x30cm~ 60x60cm medium size: 2~4 days model chart; 5~7 weeks mold manufacturing cycle
(3) Large size over 60x60cm: 4-10 days model; 8~11 weeks mold manufacturing cycle".

Q:What software is used for mold design and CNC programming? What formats are commonly used for graphic data exchange?
A:"3D mold design application software: Pro Engineer; UG; Solidwork
2D mold design application software: AutoCad;
CNC programming software: Mastercam UG
Graphic data exchange commonly used formats: 3D: Igs, STP, X_T, PRT 2D: DWG, DXF".

Q:Is the product subjected to mold flow analysis during mold design? What software is usually used?
A:Modal flow analysis is required. Commonly used software are: MPI, MPA (software of Mold Flow in the United States).

Q:What are the selling points of your product?
A:The price is competitive in the same scale factories, the quality is reliable (customer complaint rate is less than 0.3%), the mold is easy to maintain.

About prices

Q:Generally speaking, what is the price range for your products?
A:"Our prices are in the middle of the range for companies of this type".

Q:Can it be cheaper? What's the lowest price?
A:Considering this is the first cooperation, we can offer you our quality and service with zero profit, and the price can be 8% cheaper.

Q:Is there any discount for ordering more than xx pcs?
A:If place an order of more than five sets of molds, our costs in all aspects can be reduced and the price can be reduced by 3%.

Q:Can you send me your quotation sheet?
A:We can send you a cost analysis.

Q:How much does it cost to send the sample by express?
A:Our price has included the cost of sending samples for three times for free, and the more than three times will be charged according to the actual price of DHL or TNT.

About Delivery

Q:How long does it take for the product to arrive after I place an order?
A:Calculation is made according to the size of the die: (1) small dies less than 30x30cm: 1-3 days of mold drawings; 4~5 weeks mold manufacturing cycle (2) 30x30cm~ 60x60cm medium: 2~4 days mold drawing; 5~7 weeks mold manufacturing cycle (3) over 60x60cm large: 4~10 days mold drawing; 8~11 weeks mold manufacturing cycle。

Q:What will you do if the time of sample delivery is changed?
A:Usually we will provide weekly progress report to the customer, if there is abnormal in the process of processing, we will immediately feedback to the customer.

Q:This batch of goods is very urgent, could you help me rush the production and delivery of the products?
A:We can arrange overtime work for production, but we will charge overtime fee appropriately。

Q:Do you have a freight forwarder to help transport?
A:We have cooperated with the forwarder for ten years, reasonable charges, good service.

Q:Can you guarantee punctual delivery ?
A:We send weekly progress report to customers to ensure delivery on time. If there is a problem in the process of processing, we will inform the customer of the situation at the first time and coordinate with the customer on the new delivery time.

Q:How to pack the mold after the mold is shipped away? What are the attachments? What information is provided?
A:"(1) Export packaging: the exterior of the whole mold shall be coated with anti-rust oil -----, three-layer transparent PE bag -----, and the outer box shall be packed with plywood. Some large molds shall be reinforced with iron frames.
(2) Included accessories are: copper work, and some spare parts
(3) Documents to be provided at the time of shipment: 2D&3D drawings, test report, heat treatment report, steel material certificate, mold test video."

Q:Mode of transportation?
A:Usually by sea, air, some products and inserts go express.

About quality

Q:How do you guarantee the quality of your products?
A:We have a quality control department, in the material, manufacturing process, mold test, sample delivery and other links have strict testing guidelines, and the corresponding testing documents to record.

Q:After the mold is shipped away, if there is a quality problem in the production of mold at the customer's place, how to deal with it?
A:"We usually make a careful inspection before shipment. This rarely happens. If there is an exception, please feedback the abnormal information, we will decide to redo according to different circumstances."

Q:Have you received any complaints about product quality from customers?
A:Every year we receive a small number of customer complaints, we will activate the quality anomaly mechanism, analyze the cause of the problem and help the customer solve the problem.

Q:Are your products of good quality? How prove the quality of your products?
A:Our quality has been recognized by customers, many customers have started to cooperate with us since the establishment of our company, and we have introduced a lot of new customers.

Q:What quality certification has your company passed?
A:We have passed ISO: 9001.

Q:What manufacturing standards do you have?
A:Mold standard: HSACO, DME, Meusburger, Misumi.

Q:What testing equipment is available?
A:There are three dimensions, projector, durometer and so on.

Q:What are the testing procedures?
A:Hardness of steel will be tested first, three-dimensional testing will be carried out after electrode processing is completed, full-size testing will be carried out on the injection sample after mold testing, and mold disassembly inspection will be carried out before mold export, and inspection reports, pictures and videos will be provided to customers.

About the Service

Q:What types of services can we currently provide to customers in the mold industry?
A:We currently provide mold design, mold manufacturing, product design, mold flow analysis, injection molding products. Screen printing, oil injection, simple assembly and other services.

Q:What will we do if your customer contacts us directly?
A:Our company will follow business reputation and avoid contact with end customers. And if the end customer takes the initiative to contact us, we will also explain to you.

Q:How to inspect the product?
A:1. Take the mold apart and clean all the parts. 2. Check the appearance of all parts for damage. 3. Assemble the mold, test the water (cooling line) 4. Test the mold for the injection molding machine. 5. Spray anti-rust oil and pack.

Q:What after-sales service do you have?
A:When the mold arrives at the customer's side, we have regular return visits to help the customer solve the problems encountered in the actual production. We can replace some small inserts for free.



Q:How do you protect your clients' privacy?
A:We have signed non-disclosure agreements with our customers, and keep our customers' products, patents, etc. strictly confidential.

Q:Payment methods we accept
A:Our payment method is usually 40% deposit, 30% for the first trial (interim payment), 30% before shipment (the final payment).

Q:In addition to the payment methods you mentioned, what other payment methods does your company accept?
A:We accept payment by letter of credit.

Q:Can you tell me the names of companies you have worked with in my country?
A:We have many cooperative companies, if you need, we can ask customers to write recommendation letters for us.

Q:If I work with your company for a long time, can I consider not working with other companies in my country?
A:If you cooperate with us for a long time and the order volume is large, we can let you be the agent of our country to develop new customers, and the current customers can also be managed by you after asking for their opinions.

Q:Do you also ship if our order is not large?
A:Yes, but you will be responsible for the shipping costs.

Q:Can you understand how your company gained experience?
A:We will conduct regular training, and hold meetings of relevant personnel for some new products, and have relevant procedures for abnormal quality to ensure that similar problems will not occur again.

Q:Can you tell me the names of companies you have worked with in my country?
A:Yes, but we need to ask the customer's consent first.