Quality control

Our company attaches great importance to quality control and takes "not receive bad Products, not manufacture bad products, not flow out bad products" as its principle.For this purpose,its factory is equipped with comptete quality inspection equipment and instruments,and through the strict training, assessment and selectron of the quality control personnel, has built a perfect quality assurance team. The factory conducts the strict control of the product quality in the whole process from the product development,incoming inspection to self inspection of all prbduction processes, on-site inspection,final inspection of finished products and re-inspection for delivery etc.

 lt has passed the ISO9001: 2000 certification, carried out the total quality control (TQC), conducted the comprehensive follow-up and inspection of the whole production equipment, impotrant production processes and key quality control stations so as to fully guarantee to provide high-performance, advanced,reliable,beautiful and high-quality products for customers. The QC department has various QC personnel including QE,IQC,IPQC,OQC and QA etc,who strictly conform to the ISO9001:2000 system in terms of the R&D,incoming inspection, process control and delivery control,and has a wide variety of inspection instruments including drop tester, environment test cabinet, abrasion resistance test cabinet,sol index instrument, standard light source box, pencil hardness tester, 2D meter,3D meter etc for the strict monitoring of the product quality. 

Our quality mangaement staffs has adequate educational background adn rich experience.Personnel involved in the quality management include quality engineers,quality technicians and inspectors. We are sparing no efforts on each process to ensure the quality: 

1. Mold design control.

2. Mold steel hardess and quality inspection.

3. Mold electrodes inspection.

4. Mold cavity and core dimension inspection.

5. Mold pre-assembly inspection.

6. Mold trial report and samples inspection.

7. Pre-shipment final inspection.

8. Export product package inspection.