Third-party mold service


Bolok Mold is a member of the national mold product quality supervision & inspection center. There are 15 project engineers who are proficient in English, familiar with mold structure, mold manufacturing process and technology, and injection molding process, and a senior team with 30 years of mold experience. We can provide customers with automobiles and electronics. 3rd party mould service such as mould project evaluation and consultation for products such as medical and medical products, daily mould follow-up, mould test and mould inspection before shipping, and issue third-party English version of the progress report, test report and video, mould inspection report, etc. . In addition, we can cooperate with well-known testing institutions at home and abroad to provide comprehensive analysis of plastic materials and metal materials.
The minimum fee starts from 50USD per day.


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Our Services

Mold design

We can provide customers with HASCO, DME, Misumi, Meusburger, etc., European, American and Japanese mold standards, and can provide customers with a full set of molds 3D, 2D, BOM within 3 days.


MoldFlow certified engineers analyze the product's injection time, injection pressure, filling time, weld line, trapped air, etc.


Mold design engineers with more than 10 years of experience analyze the structure of the product, confirm the position of the partting line, gate, ejectoin and surface treatment, etc.

Product development consulting

Our expert team with 30 years of experience in molds and injection molding can conduct a comprehensive analysis of product structure, performance, and output from product assembly, mold manufacturing, injection molding technology, etc., and make reasonable suggestions for product modifications to save development costs and shorten Development cycle.

Project follow up

We have project engineers who are proficient in English and molds to follow up the entire process from mold design, material ordering, mold processing, mold assembly, mold testing, and provide customers with reports, pictures and videos of all stages. Let you fully control the progress and quality of the mold with confidence.

Mold acceptance

We can provide customers with third-party mold acceptance services. Mold engineers inspect each part of the mold and assemble the mold personally to strictly control the quality of your mold. We can provide customers with professional reports from third-party inspection agencies for plastic raw materials, mold steel, mold accessories, etc.

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