Gas-assisted injection

  • gas assist injection  plastic broomstick

    gas assist injection plastic broomstick

    By injecting a controlled stream of gas (nitrogen or carbon dioxide) into the mold, thick walls are created with hollow sections that save on material, shorten cycle time, and reduce the pressure required to mold the large plastic parts with complex designs and attractive surface finishes. All of these benefits are realized without any detriment to the structural integrity of the molded component.
  • Gas assist injection  plastic handle

    Gas assist injection plastic handle

    external gas assist injection molding which allows us to create a myriad of complex part geometries not previously achievable by injection molding. Instead of requiring multiple parts that must later be assembled, supports and stand-offs are easily integrated into a single mold without the need for complex coring. The pressurized gas pushes the molten resin tight against the cavity walls until the part solidifies, and the constant, evenly transmitted gas pressure keeps the part from shrinking while also reducing surface blemishes, sink marks, and internal stresses. This process is ideal for holding tight dimensions and complex curvatures over long distances.